The call for workshops has been launched!

If you are interested in managing a workshop for the next forum in June 2015, contact the workshop team before October 30th. Read the call for workshop at the bottom of this page to know what is requested to apply for being a ENYGF workshop manager.

Being a ENYGF workshop manager is an opportunity to learn a lot about a specific topic, to meet very interesting people before and during the workshop session and to create something that will be valued among participants.

The list of all workshop topics can be found below:

  • Fuel Cycle Game
  • Next nuclear fuel: Accident tolerant fuel
  • Impact of NPP operation on environment
  • Nuclear waste management options
  • Impact of dismantling on environment
  • CO2 emissions reduction mechanisms
  • Nuclear and renewables: similarities and differences
  • Energy and raw materials
  • How to decarbonize an energy mix
  • How to make COP21 a success for climate
  • Changing grid requirements & Load follow capability
  • Life time extension of NPPs
  • How to develop an efficient communication
  • The Trouble with Justification
  • Crisis communication
  • Leadership


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