The Young Generation took up the challenge!

The 2015 edition of the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum was held in Paris from June 22nd to 26th on the theme “Nuclear and Environment”.

This was the major event of the nuclear young generation before the UN Conference on Climate Change -COP21- organised in Paris next December.

An unprecedented diversity of participants

Almost 360 students and young professionals came from all over the world to take part to this gathering: the UK, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Russia, the US, Australia, China, Korea, Kenya… 27 countries and more than 110 different universities, organizations and companies were represented during the event.


High level lectures

Plenary and panel sessions were organised around 3 main topics:

  • Nuclear to fight climate change
  • Impact of nuclear on the environment
  • Nuclear adapting to the new environment

No less than 25 high level speakers with very different backgrounds (leaders of the nuclear industry, climatologists, researchers, filmmaker…) were there.

P1040581Find all presentations on this page.

An event organized by the young generation for the young generation

ENYGF2015 was willing to give everyone the opportunity to share its experiences and express its beliefs on the nuclear industry, the environment and climate change. Workshops were organised during the event: 16 different topics were defined by the organization team and 30 young professionals were selected to prepare and lead them. Almost 70 students and researchers came to present their work to the participants either via a presentation or a poster during the technical sessions.

And even more…

10 technical visits were organised all around France, from the must-see facilities (the AREVA Creusot Forge, the Flamanville EPR construction site, AREVA La Hague facility…) to the unusual ones (the Louvre museum particle accelerator…).

2 social events, a welcome dinner in the “Cité des Sciences” and a cocktail party in the “Atelier Renault” on the Champs-Elysées, allowed the participants to exchange and network.IMG_46733 hours of guided tour in Paris ended the week with the main landmarks of the City: the Louvre museum, Notre-Dame cathedral, Tuileries garden…

The Young Generation committed for COP21

ENYGF2015 was the opportunity to present and sign the position paper of the 19 European nuclear young generation networks of the ENSYGN.

Five months before the United Nations conference, the young generation is more committed than ever to make its voice heard: COP21 is a unique opportunity to internationally develop a low-carbon society in which nuclear power will have a key role to play !


The Call for Technical Papers and Technical Posters has been extended to January 9 !

Don’t miss the new deadline: January 9 !

During the ENYGF2015, Technical Papers will be presented and Poster Sessions will be organised. There is a large variety of technical themes on offer encompassing all sectors of the nuclear industry.

Regarding Technical Papers, this is an opportunity for applicants to present their work to a small group of participants (~ 30) during 20 minutes; this presentation will be supported by a power point presentation.

Regarding Poster Sessions, this is an opportunity for applicants to present their work in an interactive way during a 1h30 session. Each presenter will have a spot with his poster and the opportunity to exchange with attendees of the conference.

All experience levels are welcome for both Technical Papers and Poster Sessions! Moreover, there is no fee to submit your summary. Applicants are encouraged to submit an abstract of their work. It should be well structured and address topics within one of the six technical themes (see below). Abstracts should contain no more than 400 words and a maximum of five keywords. Please download the abstract template on the dedicated page.

A high scientific level reviewing committee is currently under construction and will decide which abstracts will be taken forward and scheduled into the conference as an oral session or as a poster. Further information and the agreed format of the power point or the poster will be circulated in due time.

Please, email us before the 9th of January if you are interested in presenting your work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To see the topics list, please visit: the technical session page

The call for papers has been launched!

If you are interested in presenting a paper or poster during the event, send us your abstract [ENYGF2015_Template_TechnicalPaper] before November 13th.

Participating to ENYGF 2015 is a great opportunity to present your thesis or work to the nuclear young generation.

The list of technical session topics can be found below:

  • Operations & Maintenance
  • New Builds
  • Reactor Physics, Nuclear Fuel and Materials
  • Nuclear safety and thermal-hydraulics
  • Advanced Reactors – Gen IV & SMRs
  • Fusion
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management

All information on : technical session webpage

The call for workshops has been launched!

If you are interested in managing a workshop for the next forum in June 2015, contact the workshop team before October 30th. Read the call for workshop at the bottom of this page to know what is requested to apply for being a ENYGF workshop manager.

Being a ENYGF workshop manager is an opportunity to learn a lot about a specific topic, to meet very interesting people before and during the workshop session and to create something that will be valued among participants.

The list of all workshop topics can be found below:

  • Fuel Cycle Game
  • Next nuclear fuel: Accident tolerant fuel
  • Impact of NPP operation on environment
  • Nuclear waste management options
  • Impact of dismantling on environment
  • CO2 emissions reduction mechanisms
  • Nuclear and renewables: similarities and differences
  • Energy and raw materials
  • How to decarbonize an energy mix
  • How to make COP21 a success for climate
  • Changing grid requirements & Load follow capability
  • Life time extension of NPPs
  • How to develop an efficient communication
  • The Trouble with Justification
  • Crisis communication
  • Leadership