Technical Sessions

During the conference, Technical Presentations will be presented and a Poster Session will be organised. There is a large variety of technical themes on offer encompassing all sectors of the nuclear industry (see below).

Regarding Technical Presentations, this is an opportunity for applicants to present their work to a small group of participants (~ 30) during 20 minutes; this presentation will be supported by a power point presentation.

Regarding the Poster Session, this is an opportunity for applicants to present their work in an interactive way during a 1h30 session. Each presenter will have a spot with his poster and the opportunity to exchange with attendees of the conference.

All experience levels are welcome for both Technical Papers and Poster Sessions! Moreover, there is no fee to submit your summary. Applicants are encouraged to submit an abstract of their work. It should be well structured and address topics within one of the six technical themes (see below). Abstracts should contain no more than 400 words and a maximum of five keywords. Please download the abstract template on our website.

A high scientific level reviewing committee has been created and will decide which abstracts will be taken forward and scheduled into the conference as an oral session or as a poster. The successful presenters will be notified and a final version of the schedule will be made available for download in pdf format before the conference.

This high scientific level reviewing committee consists of members of the High Scientifc Council of the European Nuclear Society:
Dr. Ingeborg Hagenlocher (Germany)
Dr Bernard Bonin (France)
Juraj Klepac (Slovak Republic)
Prof. Dr. tec. Riitta Kyrki-Rajamäki (Finland)
Prof. DScTroyo Dimov Troev (Bulgaria)
Dr. Teodor Chirica (Romania)
Prof. Laurence Williams (United Kingdom)
Prof. PhD, Ing., Marco E. Ricotti (Italy)
Jerôme Pamela (France)

Laila2Laila Mouazzi (AREVA Commissioning)
Technical Session Manager
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Topics of the 2015 ENYGF Technical Presentation and Poster Sessions
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • New Builds
  • Reactor Physics, Nuclear Fuel and Materials
  • Nuclear safety and thermal-hydraulics
  • Advanced Reactors – Gen IV & SMRs
  • Fusion
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management