8. Chalon – CETIC (AREVA/EDF)

AREVA Chalon/St-Marcel

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The AREVA Chalon/St-Marcel factory is located in the Saône-et-Loire department in Burgundy. Chalon is a major European hub for rail, road and waterway transport. Operations at the site began in 1975. The 39,000 m² plant employs more than 700 people. AREVA Chalon/St Marcel is a world leader in the manufacturing of the reactor coolant loop for generation III+ reactors.

The visit provides an introduction to different topics related to the manufacturing of heavy components for pressurized water reactors, including high-quality steam generators, pressurizers, reactor vessels and reactor vessel closure heads, transportation, and nuclear and industrial safety.




CETIC is a joint EDF and AREVA training center for the qualification of personnel and the preparation of Maintenance Operations on Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Steam Supply Systems. It is an acknowledged partner devoted to safety availability and competitiveness of nuclear power plants. The CETIC equipment is regularly adapted according to plant configuration. CETIC is used to prepare for successful maintenance actions: respect of safety and schedule objectives; and for the training of resources for qualification. It is permanently kept at the disposal of training personnel.

Apart from the traditional training infrastructures and equipment, the visit allows to discover the full-scale mockups of primary system components representative of the in site conditions and a reactor pool with crane.

Visit program

Please note that participants must arrange their own train travel.

  • TGV 6605, 07:53 Paris Gare de Lyon — 09:11 Le Creusot-Montceau-Montchanin
  • 09:15: Transfer to Chalon site by bus
  • 10:00: Welcome speech and presentation of the on-site activities
  • 10:45: Tour of the heavy components assembly workshop
  • 12:30: Lunch
  • 14:30: Welcome speech at the CETIC site and presentation of the on-site activities
  • 15:15: Tour of the full-scale models of the nuclear island main components
  • 17:15: Transfer to train station by bus
  • TGV 6628, 18:47 Le Creusot-Montceau-Montchanin — 20:07 Paris Gare de Lyon