7. Chalon – Le Creusot (AREVA)

AREVA Chalon/St-Marcel

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The AREVA Chalon/St-Marcel factory is located in the Saône-et-Loire department in Burgundy. Chalon is a major European hub for rail, road and waterway transport. Operations at the site began in 1975. The 39,000 m² plant employs more than 700 people. AREVA Chalon/St Marcel is a world leader in the manufacturing of the reactor coolant loop for generation III+ reactors.

The visit provides an introduction to different topics related to the manufacturing of heavy components for pressurized water reactors, including high-quality steam generators, pressurizers, reactor vessels and reactor vessel closure heads, transportation, and nuclear and industrial safety.

AREVA Creusot-Forge

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Creusot Forge and Creusot Mécanique plants are specialized in the manufacturing and the machining of big forged and cast parts. These industrial facilities are endowed with an outstanding production tool and constitute a leading actor for the heavy components of the nuclear island manufacturing market. It is one of the only forging facility in the whole world able to realize the complex and major parts that are manufactured for the reactor coolant system components of the reactor building.

The visit provides an overview of the manufacturing of forgings and castings dedicated to steam generators, pressurizers, reactor vessels and reactor vessel closure heads for nuclear power plants, including the discovery of the new 9,000 metric tons press and its manipulator.

Visit program

Please note that participants must arrange their own train travel.

  • TGV 6605, 07:53 Paris Gare de Lyon — 09:11 Le Creusot-Montceau-Montchanin
  • 09:15: Transfer to the Creusot site by bus
  • 09:30: Welcome speech and presentation of the on-site activities
  • 10:30: Tour of the manufacturing and tooling workshop for the forged and cast components
  • 12:00: Lunch
  • 13:30: Transfer to Chalon site by bus
  • 14:30: Welcome speech and presentation of the on-site activities
  • 15:30: Tour of the heavy components assembly workshop
  • 17:00: Transfer to train station by bus
  • TGV 6628, 18:47 Le Creusot-Montceau-Montchanin — 20:07 Paris Gare de Lyon