6. La Hague (AREVA)

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The AREVA La Hague establishment is located in the Manche department in Normandy. It employs 5,000 people and covers more than 300 hectares. As a global leader in its business segment, it handles the first phase in the recycling of used fuel from French reactors and reactors operated by its foreign customers.

The visit provides an introduction to several topics: the treatment and recycling process, dismantling and redevelopment, transportation, waste packaging, environmental monitoring, physical protection and nuclear safety.

Visit program

Please note that participants must arrange their own train travel.

  • Train Intercités 3301, 07:07 Paris Saint-Lazare — 10:08 Cherbourg
  • 10:30: Transfer to La Hague site by bus
  • 11:00: Welcome speech and presentation of the on-site activities
  • 12:00: On site Lunch
  • 13:30: Tour of La Hague facilities:
    • Spent fuel unloading (T0)
    • Spent fuel storage pool (D)
    • Vitrification facility (T7)
    • Main control room (UP3)
    • Decommissioning facility (T1)
  • 16:30: Transfer to train station by bus
  • Train Intercités 3314, 17:37 Cherbourg — 20:46 Paris Saint-Lazare