4. Louvre – RTE

Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (Louvre)

Mesures sur la Joconde par spectrométrie de fluorescence des rayons X aglae AGLAE_(Laboratoire_du_C2RMF)_2 Accélérateur AGLAE A bowl from a shipwreck analyzed by ion beam at AGLAE Analyse PIXE du scribe accroupi Radiographie de L'Atelier du Peintre de Gustave Courbet


The Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (C2RMF) is an institution of the Ministry of Culture devoted to the analysis and conservation of the cultural heritage of the French Museums. The Research Department of the C2RMF set up inside the Louvre Palace basement includes 40 permanent staff who perform studies and research based on museum artifacts. The C2RMF maintains several examination and analytical methods based on multispectral imaging, X-ray radiographies and physico-chemical techniques for the identification and characterization of the different materials inside the artifacts and works of art. The main missions of the research department, are related to the expertise for the museums (authentication and assistance to conservation), Research and Development in the conception and manufacturing tools for imaging and analyzing precious CH artifacts and managing or participating to multidisciplinary research projects in art history/archeology and conservation science.

National Grid Dispatch Center (RTE)

PH594-002 PH374-0340 PH719-003 CNES_RTE PH719-022


The French electrical network is managed by Regional and National Grid Dispatch Centers. The national center (Centre National d’Exploitation du Système – CNES) is in charge of balancing production and consumption, controlling the voltage schedule and transients on the 400 kV network, as well as managing the exchange between France and its neighboring countries through the 45 cross-border electrical lines.

Visit program

  • 09:30: Meeting at the RTE National Grid Dispatch Center and presentation of its activities
  • 10:30: Overview of the main control room from the glass mezzanine
  • 11:30: Lunch and transfer to the Louvre
  • 14:00: Presentation of the C2RMF
  • 14:30: Tour of the chemistry and radiography laboratories
  • 15:30: Tour of the AGLAE particle accelerator
  • 16:30: End of Visit