11. Paluel NPP (EDF)

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The EDF nuclear power plant of Paluel is composed of 4 1330 MWe Pressurized Water Reactors production units. The construction start for the 4 units was set between 1977 and 1980, and their commercial operation dates ranged from 1984 to 1986. In 2013, the EDF Paluel nuclear power plant produced 35 TWh, which represents more than 6 % of the total French electricity production.

Visit program

  • 07:00: Transfer by bus from Paris to Paluel NPP
  • 09:30: Welcome coffee and access procedures
  • 10:00: Presentation of the Nuclear Power Plant and Standby Emergency Response Team (FARN)
  • 11:00: Tour of industrial facilities
  • 12:00: On site lunch
  • 13:30: Tour of the ecological path (endemic flowers, wild life reservation)
  • 15:30: Return to main building and coffee break
  • 16:00: Transfer back to Paris
  • 18:30: End of visit

Note that before going on site each visitor must present a national identity card or a valid passport. The driving license is not accepted. It is recommended to wear casual clothing, suitable for industrial visit: pants, long sleeves, closed shoes with flat heels. The path includes stairs and elevators. The tour is not recommended for people suffering from vertigo. Luggage, handbags, cameras and video recorders, mobile phones, dictaphones and laptops are prohibited during the visit.
The wearing of personal protective equipment (helmets and glasses) is mandatory.