Two sessions of workshops have been organized during the event, each of them lasting 3 hours. 16 different topics have been proposed by the organization team and one or two managers from different countries and backgrounds were selected to organize each of them. The goal was to create interactive sessions with a small group of participants (up to 30); they could involve playing a game, brainstorming, listening to experts of the topic…

The workshops topics, managers and speakers of ENYGF2015 are listed below.

Topics for ENYGF 2015 workshops

Nuclear waste management options
Managers: Timothée Kooyman (CEA) and Jordan Wain (Sellafield)
Speaker: Bernard Faucher (Andra)

Energy and raw materials
Manager: Antoine Monnet (CEA)
Speakers: Christian Polak (AREVA), Christophe Poinssot (CEA) and Victor Court (Economie du Climat)

How to decarbonize an energy mix
Managers: Cédric Santino (AREVA) and Timothy Rownes (Ansto)
Speaker: Jean Poitou (Sauvons le climat)

Impact of dismantling on environment
Managers: Olga Ciezkowska (EDF) and François Kerdranvat (Assystem)
Speakers: Horst Monken-Fernandes (IAEA), Eugène Chang (EDF), Hélène Frémau (EDF) and Jelena Bolia (Andra)

How to develop an efficient communication
Managers: Alina Constantin (Institute for Nuclear Research) and Eleonora Dragan (Institute for Nuclear Research)
Speakers: Andrei Goicea (Foratom) and Patricia Wieland (WNU)

Fuel Cycle Game
Manager: Jonathan Hart (Energus)

Young Generation Network Best Practices
Manager: Hans Naome (Westinghouse)

Manager: Tatiana Belyaeva (Rosatom)
Speakers: Aleksandra Sirotkina (Central Design Bereau of Machine Building), Natalia Dorofeeva (Rosenergoatom) and Veronica Lovesa (Rosatom)

How to make COP21 a success for climate
Managers: Thomas de Laugier de Beaurecueil (Assystem) and Joseph Dabrera (Sellafield)

Safety culture for the nuclear industry, technical norms and professional cultures
Managers: Charles Stoessel (Opus Citatum) and Olivier Guillaume (Opus Citatum)

Life time extension of NPPs
Manager: Shengke Zhi (AMEC)

The Trouble with Justification
Managers: Joaquina Zappey (Institute of Transuraniumelement) and Nadya Rauff Nisthar (Institute of Transuraniumelement)
Speakers: Malcolm Grimston (Imperial College London) and Iain Stewart (Plymouth university)

Understanding communication outside the nuclear industry: what is being said and how we can address it
Manager: Melissa Crawford (INP Deutschland)
Speaker: Hugo Marynissen (CIP Institute & Antwerp Management School)

Impact on NPP operation on environment
Managers: Pierre-Olivier Chacun (EDF), Cécile Boyer (EDF) and Etienne Guerber (EDF)
Speakers: Antoine Billard (ASN), Claire Pougnard (EDF), Michel Chartier (IRSN), Ian Bryant (EDF Energy) and Mélanie Maitre (Andra)

Changing grid requirements & load follow capability
Managers: Barbara Frijlink (AREVA) and Guillaume Gourlaouen (AREVA)
Speakers: Jean-Lucien Mourlevat (AREVA) and Stéphane Feutry (EDF)

Nuclear public acceptance game
Managers: Karen Daifuku (EDF), Francesca Witt (EDF Energy), Valérie Palfner (EDF) and Michael Taylor (EDF)



Emanuele Semeraro
Workshop Manager
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